Annual Mayor’s Luncheon Address

August 30, 2022

Mayor Steve Pellegrini shares King’s successes at Mayor’s Annual Luncheon

Township of King, Ont.— The Township of King continues to prosper and come together as a community despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Steve Pellegrini told attendees of the Mayor’s Annual Luncheon today.

More than 70 people attended the annual event hosted by the King Chamber of Commerce at Nobleton Lakes Golf Club on May 25. Mayor Pellegrini spoke about the events of the past two years and how King has stayed on track with delivering on the promises of the Township’s 2019-2022 Corporate Strategic Plan.

King continued to deliver essential services despite the lockdown, Mayor Pellegrini said. The Township offered services online when workers could not return to the office and continued to offer frontline services in a safe and healthy way.

Mayor Pellegrini said one of the greatest accomplishments during the pandemic was the vaccination clinic at the Trisan Centre in the summer of 2021, a collaboration between the Township, the medical community and local businesses, which resulted in 77,000 vaccine doses being administered.

King offered support during tough economic times through its economic development office to 20 local businesses through the Public and Private Lands Patio Program and the #ShopKING campaign that encourages people to support local businesses.

King also fostered the growth of local business through partnerships that include the Community Improvement Plan, Ontario’s Rural Economic Development (RED) program, Central Counties Tourism and the federal My Main Street program.

King opened a new King City Branch of the King Township Public Library King City Seniors’ Centre in 2021, broke ground on a Township-Wide Recreation Centre on the King campus of Seneca in the spring of 2022 and is making improvements to community treasures such as the Schomberg Community Hall and Tasca Park in Nobleton.

The Township is ahead of schedule on its 10-year road improvement plan, paving more roads in the past three years than in previous decades, Mayor Pellegrini said.

King also supported the installation of broadband and fibre across the township in partnership with the provincial and federal governments, private service providers and other community stakeholders. Through King Connects, thousands of residents now have access to reliable high-speed Internet.

All this was accomplished while keeping taxes as close as possible to a zero-per-cent increases in 2021 and 2022. The average increase for the Township portion of municipal tax has averaged only 1.11 per cent between 2018 and 2022, one of the lowest in the GTA.

See Mayor Pellegrini’s speaking notes for the full Mayor’s Annual Luncheon address.

Links and Resources

2019-2022 Corporate Strategic Plan

King City Library Branch, King City Seniors’ Centre

New Township-Wide Recreation Centre

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Economic Development Information: King

Mayor Steve Pellegrini
Township of King

During the pandemic, King continued to deliver essential services, meeting the goals of our Corporate Strategic Plan and partnering in projects such as new EV charging stations, a new Township-Wide Recreation Centre and pop-up patios, as well as making improvements to local treasures, such as the Schomberg Community Hall and Tasca Park.

We are grateful for the King Chamber of Commerce and are thankful for the partnerships that include the federal and provincial governments, Seneca, local businesses and our engaged community.”

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