Keele Street Parking

June 13, 2023

Deputation for Complete Communities, Keele Street Parking

The King Chamber of Commerce represented our Members and business community at Council on Monday June 12 regarding King Township’s staff report for Council Resolutions for Requested Changes to the Operations of Regional Roads. In particular, the issue at hand is the proposed changes to street parking on Keele Street. 

Keele Street has long been an essential artery for local commerce, attracting visitors from near and far to the unique businesses that make our community thrive. The removal of parking spaces on this crucial street would not only inconvenience customers but also hinder the ability for businesses to flourish. As dedicated members of the King Chamber and its Advocacy Committee, we firmly believe that alternative solutions should be explored to address any concerns regarding parking availability while preserving the vibrancy of our local economy.

Michelle Frauley

President, King Chamber of Commerce

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