YRBC Pre-Budget Submission

Read the 2023 Pre-Budget Submission YRBC

The York Region Business Coalition (YRBC) is comprised of all nine York Region Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade. Collectively, it represents 5,000 businesses from across the Region.

After years of dealing with economic uncertainty, business leaders are finally seeing a shift in the
business climate. The York Region Business Coalition (YRBC) has actively worked to engage with
community leaders, business partners and stakeholders to develop a range of recommendations
encompassing key areas of housing, infrastructure, labour, transition and healthcare. For a robust
economic recovery, SMEs must have access to resources and extended support to recover. This
submission provides recommendations in five themes to assist businesses navigate this new

  • Labour shortage & Skills Development
  • Supporting Small & Medium Sized Businesses
  • Housing, Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Energy & Environment
  • Healthcare

As our businesses navigate a post pandemic landscape, the province will have a unique window of opportunity to develop policies which will have the greatest impact on recovery for businesses. The recommendations were developed through extensive consultation with businesses from a wide range of sectors and industries within York Region. We look forward to working with the Provincial Government on charting a path of economic resiliency and maximizing the potential of York Region’s business community in the post-COVID landscape.”