Rob Payne: Ward 1

  1. If elected, what would be your top 2 priorities for King Township and how would you work to address them?
    • Priority 1. Maintaining the highest standards in financial reporting and transparency, Rob will ensure the financial integrity of our finances and actively engage the community in understanding how their tax dollars are being spent. Potential cost efficiencies include tax and water bills distributed electronically versus traditional mail, reducing waste, and immediately addressing the significant budget increase of the new Township-wide Recreational Centre. As your members know, the original budget was $52.9 million and is now $86 million – an increase of $33 million.
    • Priority 2. Crime Prevention. Stolen Vehicle Theft is up 43% from last year. 2,054 vehicles were stolen in York Region. Of those vehicles stolen, 108 were in King Township, the majority in King City. In addition, enhance and expand traffic calming measures including video recording devices to address speeding and crime, expansion of our neighbourhood Watch Program, and implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies to reduce criminal behavior in cooperation with York Region Police.
  2. Do you support encouraging future employment growth within King Township and, if so, what kind of jobs would you like to see coming to King and how would you propose to attract them?
    • Rob supports and will encourage future employment growth within King Township. More specifically, Rob would focus on skilled, construction, service, and manufacturing employment opportunities by promoting and attracting prestige industrial and commercial developments in designated lands in King Township and consideration of an economic corridor at Highway 400. Specifically in the rural area – taking advantage of our unique natural features and promoting our equine, home-based businesses, agri-tourism, and encourage bed and breakfast and other short-term accommodations to drive future employment growth within King Township.
  3. What, if anything, do you think the Township of King could be doing to better serve and support our existing business community?
    • One, expanding and promoting our existing King Township Community Improvement Plan (financial incentive grant program for businesses) – promoting beautification, property improvements, streetscape improvements, and the economic development of our village core King City and support local businesses in addressing parking and access issues to facilitate retail sales and our local economy.
    • Second, advancing our Economic Development Strategy by considering prestige industrial and commercial developments in designated lands and consideration of an economic corridor at Highway 400.
    • Third and finally, with respect to King Township’s current Climate Action Plan to reduce emissions and achieve net zero by 2050, a specific business opportunity exists that is ROI positive to serve and support our existing business community through residential housing development. For example, consideration of heat pumps, induction stoves, south-facing roofs to facilitate solar panels and rough-ins (new construction) for electric charging stations should be mandatory. Hence, our local building standards for King Township should be raised above provincial standards through cooperation with local developers to consider more green options. To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we require financial support, resources, and infrastructure from the provincial and federal governments. In the short term, this presents significant implications for the 2023 King Township budget, while supporting our existing business community.