Michael Lovisotto: Ward 4

If elected, what would be your top 2 priorities for King Township and how would you work to address them?

If elected, my top 2 priorities, amongst other things of course, are to tackle traffic and speeding in both my ward and king township as a whole. Secondly, I would work to ensure that King Township continues to grow at a sustainable level, one that works in commune with nature, as opposed to against nature. How I would go about addressing these issues is quite simple, working with my fellow councillors I would put the needs of my ward at the forefront of every conversation, pushing for greater police presence, and working out a plan to slow cars in and around the neighbourhoods of my ward. I would also of course work to push for the same things in the other wards in king township. Further I would ensure that sustainable growth is achieved by questioning every development that comes in front of me seeking for greater accommodations for nature and the environment.



Do you support encouraging future employment growth within King Township and, if so, what kind of jobs would you like to see coming to King and how would you propose to attract them?


I fully support encouraging future employment growth within King Township. We need greater employment lands, and we need to encourage businesses to open in King Township. Farming has always been a great part of the fabric of King Township but as farming dies off in our town centres, businesses need to be encouraged to replace those farms that are gone. Personally, any kind of business in King Township, whether industrial or commercial does not matter. Anything that encourages people to come to King Township, spend their money, and broaden our tax base is good enough for me. As much as people may shudder at the idea, the only way to encourage businesses to an area, is to offer them an incentive, either a high likelihood of traffic or low cost of operation.



What, if anything, do you think the Township of King could be doing to better serve and support our existing business community?


King Township lacks industry, but we do have many small businesses that add to the fabric of our communities for example the Grackle Coffee shop, or the Schomberg Pub, for me these businesses are as much a part of the community as the community itself. They act as meeting places just as much as places of business. Because of that I want to see policies that are aimed to make business easier for them. Whether it’s lower taxes or some kind of grant, I want to see these businesses stick around for many years to come.