Becky Eveson: Ward 4

  1. If elected, what would be your top 2 priorities for King Township and how would you work to address them?

I have 3 priorities for King Township which include:

  • Getting our youth INVOLVED in our growing community
  • Creating an ACCESSIBLE and SAFE community
  • Being ENVIRONMENTALLY and FISCALLY responsible.

To this question, I will focus my attention on the first and third priorities.  I wanted to take the opportunity to show my commitment to these priorities by starting with my campaign. Through research and collaboration, we were able to create a campaign that not only is environmentally friendly, has reduced costs, but also will be able to involve our youth.

To start yard signs are one of the worst types of plastics, they are not recyclable.  We were able to collaborate with a company and reuse several products that they had on hand, so a percentage of the materials have been reused, as well as limiting the number of signs. The last piece is repurposing.  Through research, we were able to identify a way to turn the yard signs into planter boxes, which takes me to the next item in my campaign, printed materials.

Campaign products are generally printed on high glossy paper, to help make them look professional, however, this paper is not as easy to recycle.  Through some research, we were able to source our printed materials on plantable seed paper, 100% biodegradable.

To ensure that these products are going to be used for the purpose I am intending, I have reached out to work using the products within the schools.  I will be working with the schools to do a program that will include turning the yard signs into planter boxes and planting the printed materials.  Due to policies that may not allow this to take place, working on this, I have also been working on creating a youth kindness club that will include this as an activity.

The Youth Kindness club was inspired by the accessible park being built in Schomberg that we were able to help advocate for.  We had many youths involved in helping volunteer or raise funds for the park.  What a special opportunity for them to be able to say they were able to help built a park, one that is inclusive for all their peers.  Many of our community events are solely possible due to the work of volunteers.  It is important that we have future generations that will continue to support them. I have already reached out to several organizations and charities to identify how a group of youth would be able to offer support.



  1. Do you support encouraging future employment growth within King Township and, if so, what kind of jobs would you like to see coming to King and how would you propose to attract them?


A councillor is a public servant and must be willing to ask for and receive input from the people they represent. Since we were given these questions ahead of time to prepare, I wanted to ensure that I took the opportunity to research and collaborate with business owners within Ward 4.  I have prepared the next two questions with input from local franchises, and large and small business owners.


One of the major concerns you hear from residents is regarding increases in taxes. One of the opportunities to help take the pressure off residents of rising costs is by having more businesses within King Township, so I believe there is a benefit to encouraging future employment growth.


There are many different types of employment opportunities that could benefit King Township.  For this question, I am going to focus on a unique idea that was presented with some further thought and discussions.


Due to the character of Ward 4 and the business spaces that are already available, we have a lot of opportunities for smaller business owners, and entrepreneurs.  A way to help attract these types of businesses could be by offering information sessions on owning your own business or being an entrepreneur.  I know a few businesses that have failed due to not understanding the business side of owning a business.  Budgeting, overhead expenses, and such.  It would be an opportunity to help shape an idea into a reality.


If we were able to provide an opportunity to support these aspiring individuals to help them be successful and learn before they start everything that is involved in owning a business, I believe it would help with their success of it.  It would also help reduce turnover in the use of buildings and keep the staff they had hired employed for longer periods of time.



  1. What, if anything, do you think the Township of King could be doing to better serve and support our existing business community?


There was positive feedback to this question, mostly from the smaller businesses and restaurants.  Events such as the Sidewalk Sales, Taste of Main, and other similar programs really help to attract potential customers to the area and learn what Ward 4 has to offer regarding businesses in the area. An increase in these types of events is beneficial to continue to support awareness.


There are a lot of questions posted on social media asking about a business in the area.  Although there are organizations that have lists of businesses in the area, perhaps the King Township website could have a section listing local businesses within King Township listing locations and contact information.  When individuals are looking for information about a location this is the first place they tend to look.


An opportunity for growth for both potential employees, especially with the shortages seen everywhere as we move out of a pandemic, and a larger customer base could be advocating the Region for more transportation services to access Ward 4.  We have employment opportunities available but due to being in more of a rural area, it provides challenges getting employees to potential work locations.