Adam Pham: Ward 3

1-If elected, what would be your top 2 priorities for King Township and how would you work to address them?

I have lived in 6 countries, visited over 70 countries, and been to thousands of cities and towns in the world, and everywhere I went, I studied their strengths and weaknesses. From my life experiences, I can say that we have a lot of options and opportunities to make our piece of paradise here the best place to work, live, and enjoy life to the fullest.

-There are two parts that form King township. On one hand; the settlement areas, and on the other, the natural reserve area. I do not want to see many small additions and developments every few years, I want to see a long-term goal and a 25-year and a 50-year vision to develop this township.

-I am supporting a balance between the growing population and the conservation of nature.

-If elected, I would work with the Provincial, York region, Mayer, Councillors, and staff to build more houses but with the latest smart and eco-friendly technology in our unique and charming King settlement areas. I want to unlock the land alongside the 400, King, Keele, Jane, and Dufferin to accommodate the medium population growth. We shall make it easy to develop, but I don’t want to see simple subdivisions here in King township like the way they do in the GTA; too simple and similar. We want to make King township the loveliest and most unique township in Ontario and Canada.

-I vow to keep Oak Ridge’s Moraines and Holland Marsh as nature and agriculture reserves by encouraging and incentivizing farmers to make more organic products for the long run. For people in King’s rural area, I plan to allow some flexibility.  Letting farmers build a second house for immediate family members to live on their parent’s property. In addition, try to find a way to make a senior long-term care center for King Rural.

If that is what you want, if that is what you believe, vote for me, Adam Pham! Thank you!

2-Do you support encouraging future employment growth within King Township and, if so, what kind of jobs would you like to see coming to King and how would you propose to attract them?

-Any town without employment growth will die. Let the market, the demand, and the supply of goods and services, not the government, do the business. Farmers are business owners…help them to make King an Agribusiness Hub with the highest organic quality. We have to take all our advantages: great and knowledgeable farmers, short transportation to the GTA market, good soil, our heritages with Agricultural products, and beautiful horses.

We need to work with universities and research organizations to bring our fresh, organic product to the highest standard, and to make King’s agriculture products a staple in the market. Encourage people to use local products and spend their money here to help local businesses.

Create more festivals, sports, and tourism businesses to support and advertise our horse and agriculture sector. Planting more trees on our township roads, and encouraging horse, and flower businesses.

– Support the development of a variety of senior care, senior centers, long-term care, and end-of-life care centers to support our seniors, who worked so hard to make our township beautiful. In creating these centers, we also create great job opportunities for the younger generation to work and stay in the region.

Canada is entering a housing crisis despite being the second-largest country with a very small population. Similarly, King township is the largest township in the York Region by area but is the smallest by population, yet many people are struggling to find a place to live.

Allow building more houses for people, creating more agriculture and senior care job opportunities, and creating commercial business opportunities.

If that is what you want, if that is what you believe, vote for Adam Pham! Thank you!

3-What, if anything, do you think the Township of King could be doing to better serve and support our existing business community?

How many of you have read the King Township official plan?

I want to make it reader-friendly; to condense it. Reduce the number of pages from over 300 to somewhere between 50 and 20 pages. The US Declaration of Independence is only one page. The UN’s declaration of Human Rights is only about 12 pages.

I also want to condense all other regulations as well. We can make it clear to all businesses what can and cannot be done in our beautiful township. With a more transparent and understandable document, corporations and law enforcement can follow the rules easily. Making government decisions more transparent will benefit us all.

Reducing property tax for commercial zones.

Every little thing has become so complicated nowadays. You have permits and bylaws for every little action and decision, leaving us with little to no freedom. I want to cut the red tape and make the process simple and transparent for all of us, but to do it I need the support of you, the local people.

I hate seeing politicians who only provide lip service. Some of my neighbors told me that they have lived here for 40 years and have never met any local councillors to address their needs.

The government is out of touch with its citizens, especially in the last few years when their work ethics have dramatically decreased. Small issues such as: controlling speed limits, paving roads, cleaning ditches, lack of better recycling and garbage service, and illegal dumping, should be solved immediately. We have to go further to find a way to bring natural gas to every household and bring street lights to every intersection and road in the township.